Features Get Live with Device

Live features include GPS location, Camera access, Audio access, Various logs like calls, sms etc

Live GPS

Lost the phone? or forgot to put in pocket from office or home or coffee shop? Just go live with device from anywhere and ask for current device location on Live MAP. This is can be very useful in case phone is lost or theft. You can get it back easily with its location.

Camera Snapshot

In case of phone lost or theft, know about its surrounding can be very helpful to locate, even in home when device is silent and you could locate this feature can be used to capture and view what is visible from front and rear camera of device and all this remotely.

Device Screenshot

If you are worried that your phone that is at home or office and might be being used by anybody then this is very useful for you, you can request screenshot of device and can see what is being used in your device right now, however this feature require device to be rooted.

Request Call Logs

You may want to know who is calling you right now, so you can call them or tell them that you have lost your phone at home or office, there may be some important calls you may want to call back, A single command can send you all the call logs to view.

Request SMS Logs

To know who is texting you right now and wondering that why you are not replying, you may want to know what are the new text messages in your phone received when it is away from you, Simply request your SMS logs from Live Device Panel.

Request Address Book

We have thousands of contact number in our mobile phone book and it is not possible to remember them, when your device is lost or at home/office, you may want to have access to your phone book, Open Live Device Panel and request it.

Record Surroundings

Do you want to listen what is happening around your phone, Record surroundings can help you with that, it is very useful when phone is lost or stolen, Head to Live Device Panel and request a 2 minture or 5 minture audio recording from device MIC.


Request a callback from your device, enter a number where you want to have the call and your device will automatically call that number, once the call is received you can pick it up and listen where your phone is, make sure to mute from your side to stop outward voice.


If the phone is lost or stolen and it is having important data you may not want it to be in others hand, Simply head to Wipe command, it will wipe everything from the device including the Live Device Panel app it self, it is an recovery feature, use carefully.

Reboot Device

You can reboot/restart your device remotely, once reboot command is sent device will automatically turn off and turn on, however this command will need your device to be rooted.

Browse Gallery (Coming Soon...)

If you want to access your images from device when it is away from you, Browse gallery will help you with that, you can view all your images remotely and can download them.

Browse Files (Coming Soon...)

Browse Gallery will only let you view Images, but you may want to access some important docs when device is away, Browse files will let you view each and very file from Internal or External storage of device.