Features Stay Updated with Device Activities

Live features include GPS location, Camera access, Audio access, Various logs like calls, sms etc

Live GPS & Location Logs

Lost the phone? or forgot to put in pocket from office or home or coffee shop? Just go live with device from anywhere and ask for current device location on Live MAP. This is can be very useful in case phone is lost or theft or for latest loction of kid if you are using as Parental Control. View where the device user visited under Location Logs, those are captured as per settings you configured. Staying aware about kids location and logs might be very helpful.

Photos & Camera Snapshot

Have access to all the photos after Live Device Panel installation on device, photos downloaded, captured with camera. Live Camera Snapshot is useful In case of phone lost or theft, knowing about its surrounding can be very helpful to locate, even in home when device is silent and you could locate this feature can be used to capture and view what is visible from front and rear camera of device and all this remotely.

Call Logs & Recordings

Have access to all the Call Logs History of device from Live Device Panel logs section, Know who are calling to device with all the timing and duration information with name and phone numbers. Listen for Important Recordings.
Get history of Call Logs by Email any time with Live Commands. This will copy the whole Call logs and send through email.

Key Stroke Logs

Know what is being typed and in what application. You will also know to whom the text is being typed if it is typed in any chat application like WhatsApp. Yes you will able to view WhatsApp sent messages under key logs. Including the other text typed in any other application.

Notification Alert Logs

See all incoming Status bar alert notification logs with Application, sending person with text. It may give you most of the incoming messages of chat applications like WhatsApp or other. It will include all alerts like events, emails, chats etc.

Recovery Options

If for any reason you want to wipe the device or reboot then Recovery commands in Live Command section is your best option. The Wipe will remove all the data from device and it will become empty.

Device Screenshot

If you are worried that phone that is at home or office and might be being used by anybody then this is very useful for you, you can request screenshot of device and can see what is being used in device right now, however this feature require device to be rooted.

SMS Logs

See all the Text Messages sent or received to any body, with all the name, number and text information. Knowing about kids talks about topics and messages to avoid a trouble. A Live command can also be used to pull all the Text Messages Inbox and Outbox to email address.

Address Book

We have thousands of contact number in our mobile phone book and it is not possible to remember them, when your device is lost or at home/office, you may want to have access to your phone book, Open Live Device Panel and request it.

Record Surroundings

Do you want to listen what is happening around the phone, Record surroundings can help you with that, it is very useful when phone is lost/stolen or your kid is not responding to call and you are worried, Head to Live Device Panel and request a 2 minture or 5 minture audio recording from device MIC.


Request a callback from your device, enter a number where you want to have the call and the device will automatically call that number, once the call is received you can pick it up and listen where phone is and what surrounding around, make sure to mute from your side to stop outward voice.

Wipe when Lost

If the phone is lost or stolen and it is having important data you may not want it to be in others hand, Simply head to Wipe command, it will wipe everything from the device including the Live Device Panel app it self, it is an recovery feature, use carefully.

Reboot Device

You can reboot/restart your device remotely, once reboot command is sent device will automatically turn off and turn on, however this command will need your device to be rooted.

Browse Gallery (Coming Soon...)

If you want to access your images from device when it is away from you, Browse gallery will help you with that, you can view all your images remotely and can download them.

Browse Files (Coming Soon...)

Browse Gallery will only let you view Images, but you may want to access some important docs when device is away, Browse files will let you view each and very file from Internal or External storage of device.