FAQ Know More About It

Live Device Panel is an application with webpanel to let users access their devices remotely from anywhere, presently we are providing access to gps location, call, sms, contact, camera, screen, reboot, wipe, callback features, we will extend the feature list in coming months. Existing customers with ongoing plans will not need to pay anything extra for new features whenever they comes live.
Live Device Panel can be used as a Recovery application for personal phone to access its data from anywhere when device is lost or stolen, you can also wipe the application to prevent access to your personal data. Application can also be used for Child monitoring and Parental Control as well for monitoring employee.
To start using Live Device Panel, first of all you need to register an account with us then you can install the Live Devic Panel application on the devices you want to add under your account, you can add any number of devices. To access the devices you can Login to your account and access your devices live remotely.
1. Hide App Icon and Status bar notification from Live Device Panel Android app and
2. Disable Scan by Google Play Protect: Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect -> Scan device for security threats -> Disable/turn off
Yes there is, when you register your account with us, you will be provided, 500 points with 7 days validity to try out various features, You would not need to provide any payment information to start with Trial.
No you won't need to re-install the application to purchase more points or validity, application will automatically update payment information and starts working as per your plan. However if for a certain period of time no commands executed with device then you may need to re-install the application. So keep your account in standing status to avoid trouble.
No there is no extra charge to add any number of devices under your account, you will be only charged for the successfully excuted commands irrespective of device.
The Trial period and further purchase will add points to your account those will be burned by executing successfull commands. So every successfull command burn 1 or more points depending on the command. The points will be only charged if the command was successfull. However there is validity of points so if they are not used for certain period of time of their validity they will expire, you can purchase more points or validity to add them with existing.
Have the device with you and download the application from Downloads page and install, login or register with your Live Device Panel account and complete the setup, For detailed information about installation kindly visit Setup Page.
To uninstall the application, tap application icon then enter password and tap uninstall, however if the icon is not visible then open the Dialer and dial ##000, once you dial the code application home screen will appear, now enter the password and uninstall.
You can also uninstall via Settings->Apps->Live Device Panel -> Uninstall.
Right now we only support Android device having OS version 4.0.3 and above.