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Why Use Live Device Panel?

Live Device Panel is unique Parental Monitoring with following features:

  • Realtime Device Activity Logs Access
  • Multi Device Monitoring with One Account.
  • Recovery features with Parental Control.
  • Live Access of Devices Various Features.
  • Fast Live Commands - Accurate & Instant.
  • Support Latest Android Devices.
  • Very Easy to Setup - 2 Minutes to go.
Access device logs and features instantly from anywhere remotely.

Stay Live with device Activities in few minutes, Register Your account now and earn 3 Days FREE period, no credit card or payment information required for FREE Promotion.


Live Activity Logs

View Activity logs of monitored device

You can access device activity logs like Call logs, Text Messages, Phone address book, Location Logs, Photos etc remotely. Dont miss any important text message or call. View or Pull the logs remotely. Stay tuned with all activities of your kid. Key stroke logs and Notification Alert Logs.

Live Device Access

Access Device in Live Mode

Fetch Live device location on MAP, You can stay updated with moving device by refreshing the live location. View what is visible from Device Front and Rear camera, also view what is current device screenshot. Record surroundings could be more helpful.

Recovery Features

Use Live Device Panel as recovery app, factory reset, lock device when lost or stolen

When the device is lost or stolen, it may be a big problem to keep your date safe from unwanted access to it, Using Live Device Panel you can wipe the device remotely, can reboot the device automatically, request a automatic callback from device.

Features Guide

Setup In Minutes

Register your FREE account and start monitoring.

Register Account

Register your account with us now to start using our Monitoring services, registering is FREE and you will have 3 days as Trial upon registration. Register from Device or Sign-Up Page.

Setup Live Monitoring Application now and start live session.

Install Application

Download and install application on device you want to stay tuned with. You can install in multiple devices with same account. Follow Setup Instructions for detailed User Guide.

View device activities remotely.

Stay Informed With Device Activities

Once you complete the installation on device, it will be added to your account, you can login and Access activities of devices you have added to your account. Login Now.

Setup User Guide


Live Device Panel is an application with webpanel to let users access device activities remotely from anywhere, presently we are providing access to live gps location, Call logs, Sms logs, Recordings, Location logss, Photos, Key Strokes, Notification Alerts, Contacts, Camera, Screenshot, reboot, wipe, callback features, we will extend the feature list in coming months. Existing customers with ongoing plans will not need to pay anything extra for new features whenever they comes live.
1. Hide App Icon from Live Device Panel Android App. Later you can launch it by dialing ##000 from phone dialer
2. To hide Status Bar notification, long press on status bar notification, once the Checkbox about notification appears turn it off.
3. Disable Scan by Google Play Protect: Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect -> Scan device for security threats -> Disable/turn off
Yes there is, when you register your account with us, you will be provided, 3 days promotion to try out various features, You would not need to provide any payment information to start with Trial.
No you won't need to re-install the application to purchase more subscription, application will automatically update payment information and starts working as per your plan. However if for a certain period of time no purchase is made then you may need to re-install the application. So keep your account in standing status to avoid trouble.
Right now we only support Android device having OS version 4.0.3 and above.

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